Located in Duxbury, MA we share our home and our lives with several Australian Labradoodles. We have been committed to producing healthy, vibrant Australian Labradoodle puppies since we bought our first breeding female West Orchard Miss Polly in 2003. As the caretakers of this amazing breed of dog we have tried to hold true to what we were originally drawn to in Australian Labradoodes; the temperament of a true companion along with an amazing low to non-shedding coat. We are proud to have held tight to the old Australian lines whenever possible and have been able to develop our own lines of healthy, athletic, gentle companions since 2004. 

With the huge popularity of “Doodles” in the US right now there has been a lot of confusion about what makes our Australian lines different from the many hybrids on the market right now. After twelve years of carefully and successfully breeding for consistency of temperament and coat and look, we are now working with the Australian Cobberdog Parent Club and the MDBA to try and protect our beloved dogs.

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We hope that our puppies will bring as much joy to their adoptive families as our dogs have brought to us.